Art Represent was founded with the mission to sell and showcase works by the most exciting artistic voices from regions affected by conflict and social upheaval.

We believe that by providing a platform for artists who belong to communities living in conflict, we can give representation to unheard voices and put a spotlight on the creative talent of individual artists who should be recognised by a global audience. We hope that through art, we can open up the dialogue to challenge the prevailing narrative of conflict regions that has been shaped by popular media.

Art Represent acts as a springboard for our artists and provide them with the holistic support they need to build a successful career. We want to become a sustainable source of income for the artists by selling their works.  We are also invested in giving all of our artists the opportunity to showcase their works through our curatorial programme.


We choose our artist on the basis of their talent rather than fetishising them for their personal history. The artists we deal with come from varied circumstances. Some have been affected by violent conflict directly, others have ties to societies in which the remnants and legacies of conflict remain. Some address conflict directly in their work, others choose to omit such themes from their artistic practice completely. Together, our artists contribute to a complex dialogue surrounding issues of conflict and social upheaval, posing as many questions as they provide answers.

The creative expression of the artist reflect their identity as an individual and allows the artist to tell their own story, rather than having their stories be told by someone else. We want to give representation original voices and add some much needed diversity to the international art scene.