Born 1988 in Kerch, Ukraine, Maria Kulikovska received a masters degree in Architecture and Fine Art from the National Academy of Art and Architecture, Kiev. She has won several prestigious prizes including the Cultural Capital in Umeå, Sweden (2014), the RutaRuna Project for young artists from Ukraine and Sweden (2013), and the PinchukArtCentre Prize 2013 nominee.

Maria founded  «Body and Borders», an international feminist organisation where she works with her wife and partner Jaqueline Shabo. The organisation aims to support and promote female artists. The nucleus of Mariia Kulikovskaya’s work is her own body, its perpetuation, its transformation and its decay. 

Throughout her oeuvre, the idea of her body is transformed into architectural structures made from natural materials, such as salt, milk or sugar, in order to deal with ideas of production, construction and de-construction.