Making Great Art Accessible for All

In 2015, we left off with a December newsletter focusing on the ever-increasing democratization of the art world from the perspective of gallery owners and artists. Charlotte Wittesaele wrote a piece about how the rise in new forms of media have allowed artists - such as Art Represent's Imranovi - a platform to attract an audience for their valuable messages. Art Represent's founder, Baiqu Gonkar, took a closer look at how artists are increasingly having to function as entrepreneurs, assuming further agency over their careers particularly as they seek representation.

It seems the popular conception of the struggling artist is fading away, which can only be a good thing. Equally, the erosion of the idea that years of studies at renowned art schools represents the only path to success for emerging artists is encouraging, with galleries increasingly looking to the likes of Tumblr and Instagram for the next big thing.

But what about collectors? It seems that despite a number of positive changes to the dynamics of the art world, little has changed for the better for those looking to collect the art they love. At Art Represent, we've been racking our brains for ideas as to how we can allow a far broader range of collectors access to great art, and we're delighted to introduce our pay-in-instalments scheme, as well as an upcoming range of unlimited editions. 

Pay In Instalments

Launched in late 2015, the pay-in-instalments scheme aims to democratize art ownership, making works available to everyone without exploiting our artists. Our artists set the prices for their works, and the scheme allows collectors to pay for the art they love over a 6-month, 10-month or 12-month period with 0% interest. The prospect of beginning an art collection can be an incredibly daunting one for wannabe collectors, though when the price of a work is distributed through a sustained period, it begins to look like a far more realistic ambition.

An added benefit of the scheme in the context of our enterprise is that aside from the hardship many of these talented individuals have endured, the majority of our artists are emerging only now, meaning their works represent a viable investment before their careers attract further attention. So, next time you're facing the internal struggle of whether to splash the cash on a pricey dinner, new clothes or an indulgent night out, have a think about the return you could enjoy on a great artwork after years of enjoying it on your wall!

Follow the link above or get in touch for more info!

Unlimited Editions

Like most art-lovers, the Art Represent team can't resist a great museum shop! It's here that most of us without money to burn purchase the beautiful books, postcards and gifts that nod to our favourite artworks, artists and exhibitions. However, have you ever thought about where this money goes, and whether it benefits artists directly?

We've thought long and hard about this question, and have, in close collaboration with our artists, developed a great range of collectibles at an affordable price-point. Our artists have instructed our design efforts, and we will level the production costs when this phase of the project begins. Some of the early designs have been met with enthusiasm from our Instagram following, so stay tuned: pre-orders are scheduled to begin soon. Check out our preliminary designs for tees, totes and plates below, featuring works by Bibi, Uchay Joel Chima, Jamal Penjweny, Enrique Oroz and Maria Kulikovska!


By George King