Art Represent is a nonprofit enterprise dedicated to empowering displaced and conflict-affected artists to drive positive change in the world.

Art Represent is the first platform of this kind; a curated digital marketplace that provides artists with a source of income, and a cultural platform that stages creative projects with partners around the globe.

We believe that by connecting these artists to a wider audience, we can bring to light the complex human experience and identity that connects and divides. We work to use art as a medium to create dialogue and social cohesion in a time of political polarisation.


We choose our artist on the basis of their talent rather than fetishising them for their personal history. 

The artists we deal with come from varied circumstances. Some have been affected by violent conflict directly; others are migrants/refugees from communities struggling to achieve positive peace. 

Some artists address conflict directly in their work, others choose to omit such themes from their artistic practice completely. 

Together, our artists contribute to a complex dialogue surrounding issues of identity, conflict and social upheaval... posing as many questions as they provide answers.