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Houzz is a website and online community about architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement. The Houzz platform and mobile apps feature photos, articles, product recommendations, and a user forum.

Museums around the world organise tens of thousands of exhibitions a year. Vastari's interface and networking tools make it easier for these museums to communicate with the private sector directly, to tour exhibitions globally and share information for exhibitions worldwide.

Gli Acrobati is an art gallery based in Turin that focuses on special art therapy by artists from different parts of world, promoting artistic practices as a source of knowledge and liberation of one’s own inner reality.

Gli Acrobati is not only an exhibition space, but an atelier and a studio-gallery where artists can create freely. Various activities such as art-therapy workshops and the exhibition of works made by residents of therapeutic communities are held in order to display not just the product of their work, but also the evolution of their own creative process in its infinite expressions.

SYRIA.ART - Association pour la Promotion de l’Art Contemporain Syrien seeks to provide a diverse, open overview of the Syrian art scene and its talented Syrian artists, and to shed light on the dynamism currently characterising Contemporary Syrian Art in Syria, France, Europe and the rest of the world.

SYRIA.ART seeks to promote Contemporary Syrian Art, artists, ideas and works, while also encouraging artistic exchange and dialogue between cultures. SYRIA.ART is deliberately apolitical, highlights art, artistic creations and beauty, and pays tribute to Syrian art and the creativity and talent of Syrian artists. It is all part of a philanthropic initiative advocating the values of inter-artistic and intercultural dialogue.


Artraker was launched as an initiative in 2012 and established as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in 2013. It supports exceptional visual arts projects that shape how people and organisations understand, engage and respond to violent conflict and situations of violence.

The space for girl/gender nonconforming artists and activists looking to change the world! Join and receive weekly updates on free talks, workshops, opportunities and tips. Buckle up, people, it's time to crush the future Doodle style (aka LOUDLY)!!

Janet Rady Fine Art offers bespoke curatorial and consultancy services to Clients incorporating all aspects of Collection Management.  We also offer independent, impartial advice and assistance with purchasing and selling artworks by Middle Eastern and other artists, either privately or at auction.  Our Clients include the British Museum, V&A, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CA.

Women whose voices are rarely if ever heard, from domestic helpers in Hong Kong to children of sex workers in Pakistan, are taking photos thanks to Lensational’s photography training. These photos reflect their thoughts, emotions and dreams. At Lensational, we imagine a world in which, through photography, women from all over the world can express themselves freely, fulfill their aspirations, and be represented in a dignified way. And this is a world that we, as interconnected human beings, can build together. Join us in changing lives of women, one camera at a time.



Up North is a visual communication agency. We provide complete productions of film, photography and web.