Anthony lizano jandusay

Anthony was bron in Mariduque. A former nurse by profession, he left this noble career and sought out the beckon of his true calling and became an artist instead. He is a member of Legions of the Marinduque Morions, in the celebration of Moriones festival, which depicts the suffering of Christ in the hands of the morions.

His paintings are remarkably defined by the heavy brush storks, which embody influences of Rembrandt, Caravaggio, and Rubens’ works. Thonix, as he is fondly called by his friends, love to balance the play of light and shadow in his art. This is one the main characteristic of the artist. Another source of Thonix’s influence comes from Salvador Dali, who is known for his surrealist art. Anthony combines both Baroque and Surrealism techniques and incorporates them in his paintings subsequently liberating him form the classical paintings that he was used to. Working with the Steampunk Surrealism gives him boundless creativity.

He is a great believer of the saying “don’t paint what you see buy paint what you want to see”. He wants all his ideas to come from creative thinking and nothing that materializes from a photograph.


“Your canvas is your world and you have the power to do everything on it.”