BiBi is a female Nigerian artist, proud of her African heritage. An autodidact, she has been schooled by life and her travels, creating artworks which are a product of her experiences. She employs a combination of different styles, media and processes for each piece, depending on where she draws her inspiration from.

Fascinated by ancient West-African culture and traditions, BiBi integrates African symbols and archetypes into her work which focuses on the themes of movement and migration, family bonds and group dynamics. This is a result of her travels which began as a survival tool while she was young but evolved into a way of exploring new communities. The sun is an important element within her work as she believes it represents the ultimate force and source of life. Movement also plays a crucial role at the start of a new artwork. Beginning with simple shapes and lines, she uses the inherent motion of her hands to project her emotions onto her canvas.

“I hope to engage people in the dynamics of diasporas worldwide; to connect them with the group dynamics of world cultures and of West-African traditions in particular. People gaining knowledge about themselves, their own culture and the variety of cultures around them; they might become more empathetic and open for others. With my paintings I do not only want to tell my own story or more traditional focussed group stories; I also want to contribute to a spirit of collaboration worldwide.”