Dalia Ferreira is a Venezuelan artist and journalist currently based in France. Her background as a journalist brought her in touch with documentary photography, a medium she now uses as the basis for her artworks. Her latest series ‘Bottled World Series’ Ferreira uses the raw photographic materials to create a city in a bottle. 

“We bring pieces of the cities we visit home with us. We classify them, we save elements in our private emotional jars: the noise, the speed, the street, the architecture, the stories of each pedestrian we come across, their fears, their joys… All of that is enclosed and bottled in our heart, our soul, so we can see them again and again, from our private sphere.”

Ferreira has participated in more than 30 art exhibitions and 13 solo shows. In 2014 Ferreira was the first Latin American artist selected by the Google Cultural Institute as a Google Open Gallery Artist.