Hossam Dirar

Hossam Dirar strives to portray a common essence in humanity. Despite geographical divisions and disparate socio-economic conditions, Dirar believes we are all constant in our nature. Dirar takes inspiration from his city, Cairo, where he was born and raised, along with his travels. His experiences have taught him to accept difference and remain open to them.

The artist has a strong foundation for the applied arts, having studied Graphic Design, Painting, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Product Design, Photography, Multimedia and Pottery at the Fine Art Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University, Cairo. However, after participating in the last Egyptian revolution, Dirar decided that the best way to get his message across was through Fine Art. He mostly employs oil paint as his medium in addition to mixed media. Experimentation and self-development is key to Dirar’s way of thinking. His itch to find that something that is missing keeps his technique fresh and open for change.

“I always want to attract people’s attention to one point; that we are after all human and nothing with ever change that. That with all the advances and the conflicts and everything else, the only thing that is constant is our nature.” - Hossam Dirar