Jesùs Leguizamo was born in the colonial city of Pamplona located in Norte de Santander in eastern Colombia.

His father was a member of the military forces, which led Jesùs and his family to often move around the region. Since childhood, Jesùs had a great interest in the arts, film, and visual images in general and had the opportunity to study fine arts at the National University of Colombia where he obtained his degree. He decided to settle in the capital Bogotà after graduating, where he lives and works.

In his depictions of people, Jesùs erases and blurs that which defines the human being - the face. Through expressive brushstrokes, he creates poignant works which explore human fragility and how this can be expressed in the medium of paint. His haunting paintings come across as intimate peeks into someone’s emotional state of mind or a memory which has begun to fade, leaving incomplete snippets in your mind.

“I want to show the portrait of modernity, I am interested materiality of the human body and its fragile image. In my paintings I represent the distortion also alter the representation of the body; in this way, I use the expressive gesture of oil to deform the identity of the subjects. This physiological transformation of face and body in the picture takes as a starting point photography  because it is a clearer picture of modern man; when I'm painting the picture I feel the urge to eliminate pictured; is the need to clear the essence of the individual in the picture surface is to deny their humanity."