"On a mission to capture the darkest and most beautiful parts of our nature in a single frame." 

After having spent several years in the banking sector, self-taught photographer Luke Cody began using the camera as a tool to tell stories. His works are a result of his self-funded projects to Afghanistan, Egypt, Palestine, Turkey and Ukraine. They provide insight into the daily lives of those in the midst of warfare. The poignant images on show document some of the most significant events in global politics and comment on modern day complexities in regions fraught with conflict. 

In the artist's own words "Whether I'm documenting power struggles between oppressive governments and marginalised groups or capturing random elements colliding in a bustling cityscape or anything in between, the common elements are the streets on which these stories play out and the simple fact that we are all the same. We all smile, cry, display anger, passion or empathy, show emotion, no matter what background, story or perspective we come from."

Luke's work has been featured in The Guardian, Evening Standard and New Yorker Magazine and exhibited at the Royal United Services Institute in association with NATO.