Art Represent will open Modern Face of Syria, a new exhibition of works by Imranovi in London. A portion of the sales donated to Save The Children in aid of the refugee crisis in Syria.

Displaced by conflict himself, Syrian born Imranovi currently resides in Dubai, UAE. This will be his first UK solo show and presents a series of graphic works in response to the Syrian Civil War and more recent refugee crisis.

The artist began exploring computer graphics and software while living in Syria to create his own visual language, and it was soon after being witness to the ravages of the revolution, that he began using this language to vocalise his views and communicate to the wider world what he was observing around him.

The exhibition provides the opportunity to visually engage with one of the most heavily reported global issues and will allow a UK audience the ability to reflect on the much debated refugee crisis gripping Europe.

All works will be available for purchase from the exhibition and via the Art Represent website, with a proportion of sales being donated to Save The Children who currently have teams inside Syria giving children the basics they need to survive, as well as in neighbouring countries and along the route through Europe, providing urgent relief as well as long-term aid to refugee children and their families.

To open Imranovi's exhibition 'Modern Face of Syria', Art Represent will be screening JR's ELLIS, a collaboration between Robert de Niro, Eric Roth and artist JR. Set in an abandoned hospital on Ellis Island, ELLIS tells the story of the immigrants that built America. The film foreshadows the plight of many facing similar conditions today, escaping conflict for new opportunties in distant parts of the world. 


ELLIS awakens our collective memory, taking you back to the early years of Ellis Island through the experience of one immigrant.

Set in the abandoned Ellis Island Hospital complex and using JR’s UNFRAMED art installationsELLIS tells the forgotten story of the immigrants who built America. It is the story of the ghosts of our countries past, the individuals who fled poverty, discrimination, and dictatorships, for a chance at a new life and eerily foreshadows the plight of those who currently seek the same opportunities and safety in this country and other parts of the world.

The short narrative film stars Academy Award® Winner Robert De Niro, is written by Academy Award®winner Eric Roth, and is directed by the artist JR.

For more on how ELLIS was made, check out Tribeca.