Noor bahjat

Born in Damascus, Syria in 1991, Noor Bahjat now lives and works in the United Arab Emirates. Having previously taken part in several group exhibitions and two Solo shows in Dubai and Manila (Her first solo with Ayyam gallery in Dubai in August 2015). Graduating with honors from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Damascus, Bahjat works from detailed sketches and self-portraits in a painterly, expressionist style and with a primarily figurative subject matter. Skillfully transitioning between warm and cool palettes Bahjat creates deeply atmospheric canvases infused with reoccurring, symbolic objects exploring the human form with attention to mundane moments in life. The Portrayed figures are expressionless variations of herself, her thoughts, and observation of others.

Her latest work explores the human relationships with nature, and how this relationships is weakening within in the modern systems that we live in.

That systems which taking over our minds, filling them with small details of life, and as time passes human are unable to enjoy what is natural and real.

In her work Bahjat goes back to the origin of life, which is in her case the ocean, and explores the development of life from there to what we have become now, and how the future generation will shape in the light of chaos, speed, constant commercial and hidden messages being inserted to our heads without a choice.

According to Bahjat, being a part of the modern life, system deprives humans of their free will. The solution, as depicted in her work is to go back to primitiveness and unite with soul and act with mother Earth which is the only reality, and to pass this knowledge to the next generations.