Nova hershey barbaran-mariposque

Nova Hershey Barbaran-Mariposque (Aya Shobe) is a self- taught Filipino artist and a mother of two. She was born in the Baguio City on November 25, 1976 , and she was raised in Marinduque.

She graduated with a Degree of Bachelor in Secondary Education, Major in Biology. She is now working as Operations Supervisor in one of the Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines. Being in the BPO industry for more than a decade, she never stopped from honing her skills and talent may it be professional or personal aspects.

She has an eye for arts at a young age.  Her father can paint and her mother can draw which she inherited. As she grew older, she got caught up with different priorities and has set aside her love for arts.  Nevertheless, her passion for painting remained in her heart. One day, she found herself holding a brush and stroking paints on canvas to express her emotions. It was in 2013 when she underwent a near depression and painting made its way to overcome her fears and anxiety. It became her passage from the chaos of the emotions. It was at the same year that she decided to pursue her love for painting and she had been continuously learning to enhance her skills up to present. Her paintings symbolize women, children and nature and depict different emotions. She loves using vibrant colors and has tried using different techniques and medium. Her paintings include surrealism and Stylist.

She is also a volunteer Artist at Linangan ng Kulturang Pilipino (LKP) and Batis Aware ( Association in Women and Action for Rights and Empowerment) and a member of Art’s Association of the Philippines.

"Painting is my language. It speaks for itself without uttering a word. I paint not from the brush but from my heart. Painting is my life saver that keeps me alive, breathing and dreaming".