YARA said

The first spark which ignited Yara's artistic expression started in 2011, a year that has been a turning point for many people. It was the beginning of the war in Syria. Her initial motivations were to understand human nature and the flow of people’s thoughts and emotions. However, with the war continuing to spread chaotically, she realised that this matter was a far more complicated issue that moved beyond political conflict, and reflected a much deeper sense of the “human condition”. It was a shock for Yara (as a nineteen-year-old girl) to witness the dark side of the human capacity.

The war opened her eyes to gain more knowledge about politics, psychology, sociology, and theology to deepen her understanding of her role as a Syrian artist. Through her work, Yara aims to understand how time affects people and the surrounding materials.

In 2015, Yara was contacted by Refugee Nation, a New York based collective, championing the refugee Olympians at the Rio Summer Games to design their official flag.

Looking at the context of her work, Yara reflects that her art "is an attempt to manifest the ideas I had acquired through years of study inside and outside college, and to materialise them."