As a young company, we go through many changes and new developments almost every week. There are always a lot of different things to do, which makes our schedules very full and filled with different activities almost every day.  As head of artist liaison I do not only work with our artists on a daily basis, but I am also involved in many other aspects of the business.  Read all about an average workday for me below!

10.00 - Team meeting

Every Monday and Friday the art represent team gets together for a quick meeting in our gallery space in Bethnal Green, where we discuss what we have done this week and what is on the agenda for the next. As we are a relatively new company, there is always a lot to be done next to our individual daily tasks. This week, for example, one of those tasks was a redesign of our homepage in order to make our website and our artworks more accessible. 

Art Represent's Baiqu & Charlotte at work in our gallery space in Bethnal Green 

Art Represent's Baiqu & Charlotte at work in our gallery space in Bethnal Green 

12.00 - Admin and answering emails

As I am in touch with every single one of our over 30 artists, answering emails comes with the territory. On an average day, I will be selecting artworks from new artists that want to join the platform, as well as helping our existing artists with for example an application for a residency program. 

13.00 - Meeting with an independent curator about a possible collaboration

At the core of Art Represent stands our online platform - this is where connect our artists to an international audience and network of collectors and provide them with an infrastructure to develop their artistic careers. Through social media, but also through various other partnerships and collaborations we are always increasing our network and looking for opportunities that can help our artists and our platform further develop.

As part of that I had a meeting with an independent curator in a coffeeshop in Mayfair. While we are not always able to work with everyone that reaches out to us, we believe that it is very important to keep an open mind even if we don’t have an opportunity at the time. If you have an idea or a question, don’t hesitate to get in touch with anyone within the team - we love hearing from people that are as passionate about what we stand for as we are. 


15.00 - Back to the gallery and start trying out different ideas for our homepage redesign

After a quick lunch at the cafe next to the gallery, I meet up with the rest of the team to start trying out new things for our homepage redesign. We have introduced different categories that make it easier to browse through our artworks and to find a piece that you really love. 

Coming up with ideas for the website and our Instagram account

Coming up with ideas for the website and our Instagram account

18.00 Skype call with an artist

The process of signing up to the platform of course brings questions with it that need to be answered, either from my side about the artist and his or her artworks, or from the artist’s side about Art Represent as a business and what the platform entails. While some things can be solved over email, I think that having a personal connection (even if it is over Skype) is very important as well, which is why I take the time to Skype with the artists that want it.


Juliet is the Head of Artist Liaison at Art Represent. From an early age she developed a passion for the visual arts, and has always tried to connect and integrate this interest in the arts with her academic interests. After her BA at University College Utrecht (the Netherlands), where she majored in International Law, Juliet left for London where she recently graduated with an MA in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art. She joined Art Represent in June 2015, and is committed to establishing a very open environment which provides the artists with all the support they need to develop their artistic career in the best way possible.