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The  auto-didactic  artist,  Francisco Pinto,  employs  art  as  a  means  to denounce  existing  injustices. Pinto  hopes  to  expose  the  societal structures  that  confine  black  populations  in  the  Caribbean. 

Through his art he addresses their history and the stereotypes that suppress them. Pinto adopts a multitude of mediums, ranging from painting and drawing to multimedia collages and assembly. He expresses that his application of art is a means of communicating in a language that is ever evolving. 

Pinto studied under the artist Juan Loyola while working as her assistant, and regularly takes part in masterclasses to further his techniques such as those provided by Taller de Arte Contemporáneo del Banco Industrial, Taller Tecnología de los materiales Museo de la Estampa, Diseño (Cruz Diezel), and the Museo Tezzari Rizzo.