Jimmy was born in Santander de Quilichao, a small town in South West of Colombia, a region of great natural wealth and largely indigenous populations; a region marked by armed struggle and the violation of human rights, as in much of the country. 

Although Jimmy always wanted to study art, economic difficulties and family pressures led him to study Systems Engineering, working with different companies for about seven years. After this time, he suffered a great depression that led him to rethink everything in his life and finally pursue his dream of studying art. This move changed his life completely.

During his time at the art academy, Jimmy began to participate in different events and exhibitions nationally and made part of a collective of artists called "El Camión” (“The Truck"), an alternative space for dissemination and exhibition of work by emerging artists. At the end of his studies Jimmy moved to the city of Bogotá DC, where he currently lives and works. 

Jimmy's work explores his questions about human nature, their contradictions, their fears, their excesses, their wickedness and barbarism, but specially, he is interested in exploring the recesses of the unconscious and the intricate web that gives meaning to their existence. His initial explorations, started from a reflection on the media environment in which he grew up, the remarkable influence of American culture and advertising images, in contrast to the possibilities offered by living in a third world country. Subsequently, this exploration focuses on the individual, loneliness, myths, fears and fantasies of hyperreal states promoted by the mass media.