Kabul Knight







I feel for everything that I come in contact with. I’m a peacemaker of sorts.  I’m intrigued with making a stand in a world where there are overwhelming circumstances. I don’t hide the truth; I feel if People hate the truth, it won’t matter because the truth doesn’t care. My feeling is accept what you can’t change, but Change what you can’t accept. I live with my family in Afghanistan and I make a stand for all women all around mine, whether they are my sisters, my mother, my friends, the unborn or women around the world.  I want those around me to have a purpose, to talk with them and let them know that there is a place of peace, of love and understanding.

Another day, Another History, Another Victory, Another chance to live!  In my life I will have accomplished what many only hope to do; I will create a place where you can express yourself with an educated way rather than a violent way. I have been on interviews and TV shows to show my support of my arts and my Country. I would like to build it up more to get my point across.  My point, Humanity.    



Azim Fakhri

Azim Fakhri, also know as Kabul Knight, works to promote the human rights struggle through his art. Kabul Knights is the chosen name of this movement with the purpose of helping and restoring the people of Afghanistan, without expecting anything in return.

Azim wants to be the voice of the voiceless people, a shoulder for those who have lost their family members during war, and hopes to be a messenger of peace not only to Afghans but to all who are affected by conflict.

Upon returned to Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban, he began working as a street artist in Kabul.

Azim's works often reflect the lives and realities of his generation.  He wants to contribute to the social consciousness of the struggles faced by the millennial generation in Afghanistan. Through his art, he longs to fill the gaps that keep peace at bay and to paint an alternative reality where tanks carry  clarinets instead of guns. 

For Azim, imagination is his power, knowledge is his tool, and passion is what drives his soul to create.


I speak from my heart but when I begin to sketch it’s my arts that talk.  I’m a member of a community that is trying to overcome violence and make a positive change in re-building itself.  I’m a citizen of Afghanistan, implementing my arts in the very soul of a country that has had 30 years of war.

Peace and love is not so very different from what the rest of the world wants.  I’m making it my mission to promote this and I’m having some fun while doing it.  I started doing graphic design to make logos, business cards, and banners and so on, with imagination as my power; my creativity is soaring in the form of design that reflects my take on War, peace, women and education.    

Through Knowledge as my tool I portray a passion for a country that I feel is my duty to make a change for.  I want to speak and educate a new way for people to change the violence.  When I sketch, it manifests into something as simple as a pencil with butterflies that used to be a gun.  I spend countless hours turning my graphic designs into symbols of art. Each one of my Arts is displaying what I see in my everyday life.