Nyema Droma is a photographer born and currently based in Lhasa, Tibet. After having received a BA degree in Fashion Photography and Styling at the London College of Fashion, Droma moved back to Lhasa to open her own photography studio.  Droma is one of the most exciting talents to emerge from a new wave of young contemporary Tibetan artists. Through her stylistic portraits, Droma manages to capture Tibet’s unique contemporary identity. These portraits provide insights into how traditional cultural heritage blends with society's transition through modernity and progression into post-modernity. 

Exclusively working with local Tibetans, rather than professional models, she creates very authentic portraits of people who are trying to find their way in the globalised and modernised ‘new’ Tibet.

“Photography has become the most important thing in my life. Through doing projects and meeting interesting people, and taking pictures with and of them, I’ve learned so much of what goes beyond the camera.”

Her photographs have been published in Tibet Geographic, Majestic Disorder Magazine, Prism Magazine and Croco Magazine


The XXX series is a fashion shoot Nyema did with Tibetans who are living in London. The title of the project is derived from the first name on her passport. The focus of the editorial was on Tibetan identity and self-representation. The models used for this project were Nyema’s London-based friends: some where born in Lhasa, some in India, some had been in London for more than ten years, but they are all still Tibetan, with a different background and cultural identity. Although cultural identity is usually transmitted from generation to generation, when globalisation comes into play it affects this transmission of identity and leads to a reconstruction of cultural and ethnic identities. 


Modernising the World's Roof also takes its inspiration from Globalisation. Tibet has a unique language and culture, but in recent years this culture has been heavily influenced by mainland China, which has posed a threat to many local traditions. With the introduction of Chinese trade policies, many different goods and products are now being imported into Tibet, and these products are slowly making its way into contemporary Tibetan culture.


The Sons of the Himalaya series is a fashion photography series. By combining contemporary fashion and traditional Tibetan costume elements, Nyema highlights the juxtaposition between the new and the old Tibetan traditions, and the continued influence of globalisation.