Rubén Darío Aranguren Huérfano is a multidisciplinary artist, combining poetry and different art forms to transcend one language into his own. The inspiration for Huérfano’s work derives from everyday interactions on the streets, with his family and with the social conditions in which he is surrounded.

With paint as his preferred medium, Huérfano depicts gestural and deformed faces. The forms created are exaggerated to accentuate the communicative signals in body language. There are many layers to the languages Huérfano refers to in his work. The outermost layer speaks to the essence of the human being. It considers humanity, figuration and disfigurement. This layer also considers the medium and plastics. On another level, his art refers to the science of body language; kinesics and different facial actions and reactions. This deeper language speaks to the source of communication and facial gestures; sorrow, emotional disorders, fear, scrambled thoughts, disappointment, and existential doubts.

Huérfano studied at Armando Reverón University (today the UNEARTES: Experimental University of the Arts) in Caracas, Venezuela. During his time as a student, Huérfano was drawn to design, computing and drawing. All these have influenced the manner in which he seeks to communicate.