The recent civil war in Syria, the birth of ISIS and the subsequent refugee crisis are amongst the most heavily reported global issues of recent times. There have been a multitude of voices streaming in from all areas of the political spectrum and in and amongst those voices have been a small number of artists – both those living and working in Syria and those forced out by the conflict - who are using their own individual visual language to contribute to the narrative.

Artist Imranovi, who fled Syria to avoid conscription into Bashar Al Assad’s army has been a resident in the UAE where he creates graphic works in support of the Syrian revolution. The artist began exploring computer graphics and software while living in Syria to create his own visual style, and it was soon after being witness to the ravages of war that he began using this language to vocalise his views and communicate to the wider world what he was observing around him.

On 18th November, Art Represent will be exhibiting Imranovi’s works in an exhibition that provides the opportunity to visually engage with one of the most heavily reported global issues and will allow a UK audience the ability to reflect on the much debated refugee crisis gripping Europe.



All works will be available for purchase from the exhibition and via the Art Represent website, with a proportion of sales being donated to Save The Children. The global charity currently have teams inside Syria ensuring children receive the basic care they need to survive, as well as providing urgent relief and long-term aid to refugee children and their families in neighbouring countries and along the route through Europe.

- Edited by George King